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I Am Mannequin: a dystopian reflection

Decades of free-market “neoliberal” economic policies have transformed American society whereby the economy no longer serves the people, as the opposite is now true: the people serve the economy.

Nowhere has this shift been more impactful than in the relationship of the marketplace to the individual citizen. With the workplace more competitive and vanishing labor protections, humanity as been stripped from human labor, replacing the human soul with the metric.

Even those with financial means are not immune to the draconian dictates of money and subjugation to values of the marketplace.

I photographed storefront mannequins, behind glass, interplayed with the reflected world in front of them, to reflect the imprisoned condition of humanity under the rules of the neoliberal marketplace.

This project is my attempt to break the glass and free my soul. Will you join me?

I am mannequin.

If you are so moved, leave a comment below.

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