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I Am Mannequin: a dystopian reflection

mannequinDespite “rags-to-riches” tales of “self-made” men extolling the magical relationship of hard work with financial success, the only honest definition of capitalism is one that exploits labor and/or resources for the accumulation of capital (money). Any other definition is designed to deceive the common citizen, setting them up as fodder for labor/workplace exploitation.

With the expansion of neoliberal, free-market policies taking hold over the past forty years, capitalism’s exploits have been taking a greater and greater toll on the American worker.

I am Mannequin photo essay makes visual the dehumanizing impacts of capitalism on the individual. Much like the mannequins, most American workers are trapped behind the glass, allowed to see glimpses of wealth and luxury, but not permitted to participate.

Capitalism requires that individuals on the working end of the relationship subjugate their value to the whims and winds of the marketplace, whereby short-term productivity eclipses human qualities of compassion and collaboration. Like the mannequins, American workers hold their collective heads high, despite limited means to transcend labor exploitation. Perhaps you see your humanity in these images.

I am Mannequin.

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