My friend Adam says I shoot things inside things. I suppose that’s true.

I was bit by the photography bug early. In the mid-sixties, as a young boy, I carried a Brownie camera, fitted with 120 roll film.

At summer camp, while other boys were enjoying competitive games, I found my way to the camp’s darkroom. The alchemy of film processing and printing opened my mind to mysteries and magic that would only expand in the darkroom in the basement of my parents’ house.

Soon I was shooting streetscapes in nearby New York City, multiple 35mm SLRs around my neck, finding the muse around every corner. Such is the visual fantasy of New York.

After high school I attended a Manhattan-based, commercial photography trade school, certain of my professional path. As life is, I strayed from that path, with my camera as a trusted friend but never a business partner.

In midlife, my muse has called anew. I hope you appreciate our journey together.