Pandemic: the unmasking of America

A photo-documentary by Craig Gordon

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Reviews for the first edition…

“The blues is the naked cry of the human heart longing to be in union with God. With this work, Craig Gordon gives that cry a face.”
–Dion DiMucci, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famer

“That Craig Gordon finds so much beauty and strength in America during this devastating viral pandemic is reason enough to hope that some good will come out of it.”
–Marion Nestle, professor emerita, New York University, and author of Food Politics

“The failed state was fully revealed in 2020 as the nation experienced a pandemic, economic collapse, and mass protest. Craig Gordon beautifully captures the contradictions that came to life in a tumultuous year.”
–Margaret Kimberley, author, Prejudential: Black America and the Presidents

craig gordonHelp me to tell this important story

In the 90s I began writing, publishing independent media in order to address problems with America’s policies and relationship with food and agriculture, as central to the nation’s declining health and well-being. Thirty years on, what’s been revealed is that our dysfunctional orientation towards diet and health led directly to the worst Covid outcomes, due to chronic diabetes and obesity.

When pandemic pandemonium hit in March, 2020, I took refuge in my camera to bear witness to the moment, initially in rural, upstate New York, then in New York City, where I ultimately spent the month of June documenting racial justice protests in Manhattan. When it was over, I realized a book was being born. I punctuated the work with my own insights, and words of struggle in blues and folk music.

I’m Craig Gordon, a lifelong photographer who learned the craft of documentary and street photography walking the streets of New York City as a teenager in the 1970s, camera always in hand. Photography has been my lens to observe the world and humanity. Over time, a narrative emerged about a better society, which came to fruition in the publication of Pandemic: the unmasking of America

Last fall I self published 100 copies of the first edition, which are now sold. I’m looking to expand my reach now with the second edition. That’s where your help comes in.

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Funding goal: $25,000

Funding needs: printing and marketing of 500 book copies, plus photo and computer upgrades.

Books will be published by mid-November, 2021

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A glimpse inside the book…

When I was three years old President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. A few years later we violently lost Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, as the Vietnam War unfolded live every night on the evening news. When I was fourteen I witnessed Richard Nixon resign the presidency. As his copter took flight from the White House, I watched from Lafayette Park across the street. In 1980, a former movie actor named Ronald Reagan was elected president in a landslide. He set in motion a free-market, free trade, deregulatory, low tax, deficit-centric, small government ideology which has accelerated under both parties for the past forty years, the winnings going to the super rich.

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Farm Tracks



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No Riders

Essential Workers

Empire Diner

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