This picture story bears witness as Coronavirus stops life in New York. We left our home in Manhattan in the middle of March for my in law’s upstate farm.

The story begins in the country.


Abandoned Barn

This abandoned barn, tucked into the woods looks perfectly normal, and quite happy to still be standing along its un-leafed friends.


Abandoned Home

This abandoned home is all too common in this region of upstate New York, once thriving with family-owned dairy farms.


Junked Cadillac

Heather and I came upon a field of abandoned cars and trucks, featuring this relic Cadillac, tucked into the woods up here.


Tangled Pallet

There was something very beautiful about this tangled pallet just up into the wood from the house. The way the light was playing with it. A peacefully tangled pallet.


Barn Reflection

Multiple reflections through the window of an abandoned barn Heather and I came upon during a morning walk.



NRA decal demonstrating dystopian brand durability.


Private Property

Private Property signs are a common sight in rural America, oftentimes bearing nothing but wilderness.


Barn Window

Raindrops and reflection on the glass door of an abandoned barn. Nothing more to say.


Back Seat

Back seat of a junked Lincoln Continental through window glass, reflection in play.


No Riders

Midtown Manhattan subway station, usually teeming with riders. Not on this day.


Guess Gals

The gals who work for the shuttered Guess store on Fifth Avenue standing tall, Midtown NYC.